Super Pass Discount Utah lift tickets, lift tickets for Alta Snowbird Brighton Solitude Park City Deer Valley The Canyons Snowbasin Powder Mountain, Utah discount ski resort lift tickets. Utah Superpass available.

Discount Lift Tickets All Utah Ski Areas From Mountain West Ski Tours

For discount lift ticket purchases: email your Ticket needs and questions to Mountain West Ski Tours, *Please include with all emails: property you are staying, full DHL shipping street address, arrival date, contact phone numbers. We will reply with your invoice.

Groups of 20/25 or more may qualify for even better rates through our group services!!

Pay by check for rates shown, or pay with a credit card by adding 3.5% admin fee. We will Fed Ex tickets to your door prior to your trip(see notes below)!

Cash/check rates listed. Minimum purchase for shipping is 10 ski days total. Add $2/day to superpass rates if you are not lodging with Mountain West or Solitude Lodging Co. 801 943-5050
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Ski Area

Our 2006/07 Discount Lift Cash/Check Rates
Ticket Window Rates
Mt. West's 4 Resort Superpass Access Cards
2006/07 Superpass - Cards programmed with 1-7 out of 7 days
$50 single day, $49/day 2 out of 7 days,
$48/day 3+ days out of 7 days,
Add $1 each day without lodging. Cards usable at one ski area per card, per day. Each card must be used up within 7 days of using the first day on a card. First day used can be any day of season.

Swipe your card at the resort of your choice to get an Adult all day lift ticket, Good for a ticket at any of 4 resorts- Alta / Snowbird(w/tram) / Solitude / Brighton(9Am to 9PM super day). Value $50 to $64 each card/day
More Superpass info

80+ FREE

$48-$50, use Superpass
$48-$50, 1/2 day, use Superpass
Junior 12 and under Buy at Window
Beginner only all day Buy at Window
Alta/Snowbird One Pass Buy at Window

$52 Adult all day( 80+ ski free)
$23 Junior 12 and under, at window
$47 AM; $42 PM: 1/2 day, both start or stop at 1pm
$28 Beginner 3 lifts only all day, at window
$71 Alta/Snowbird One Pass, at window

Kids 12 and under free on chairs, 2 kids per adult!

$48-$50 Chairs only replaced by Superpass w/ Tram
$48-$50, use Superpass Tram & Chairs all day
$48-$50 1/2 day, use all day Superpass
Multi day, use Superpass cards w/ tram
Alta/Snowbird One Pass Buy at Window

$64 Tram & Chairs (7-12 $10 Chairs only, $25 w/Tram- all with adult purchase),
$53 Senior 65+, $46 1/2 day
$55 Tram & Chairs 1/2 day 9-1 or 12:30-4:30
$54 Chairs only
$54 / day 3 or 4 out of 4 & 5 days
$50 / day 5 + days Snowbird ONLY
$71 Alta/Snowbird One Pass

2 Kids 10 and under
free with each adult!

$44 Brighton Specific Ticket All day, also works for twilight
$48-$50 Superday 9Am-9PM, uses Superpass for 9AM-9PM
$24 Night 4:30-9pm
$69 Solitude / Brighton combined Pass- window only

$47 All Day, or twilight 12:30-9pm (Kids 6 & under free)
Youth 7-10 $10, 11-15 $43
$55 Super day 9AM-9PM
$30 Night 4:30-9pm
$40 1/2 day, AM or PM
Senior 70+ $10

6 and under free with adult!

$48-$50, use Solitude ticket or Superpass
$47 / day Solitdue Specific (only) single day
$46 / Day for 2 out of 7 day Solitude Specific Ticket
Juniors ages 7-13 buy at ticket window
$69 Solitude / Brighton combined Pass, no discount avail.

$106 Two days
$45 1/2 dat 12:30-4:00
$32 Juniors ages 7-13 at window only (6 & under free)
$25 Seniors 70+

Park City
6 and under free with adult!

$60 all day
$108/day for 2 out of 7 day

Groups - buy 40+ days of PC tickets total (not per day) and get $2 each ticket!!

$75 varies Holiday
$58 Half day
$125 single day Fast Track (guarantee no waiting)
$45 All day Youth 7-10, $33 1/2day
Seniors (65-69)$38, 70 years old+ FREE

Deer Valley

Discounts Only Available With Lodging 877 545-6344
DISCOUNT TICKETS CANNOT be used Dec 26 - Jan 2nd

$77 adult, / $54 Senior 65 years old+ / $79 Holiday(12/26-1/1)
$59 adult / $33 65years old+: Half Day PM
$45 Juniors 4-12 / $31 Half Day
$54 Full day 65 years old+

The Canyons
6 and under free!

$56/day Adult
$105 per day Adult 2 out of 7 days
$53 for 25 days of 2 day Canyons tickets or more, one order
$45 Junior/Senior 7-12 or 65+
Groups - buy 40+ days of Canyons tickets total (not per day) and get $5 more off each ticket!!

$73 - $75
$59 Half Day PM
$48 Junior 7-12, $52 holiday


$51 subject to change

$60 All Day, $50 1/2 day
$37All Day, $30 1/2 day Junior

Powder Mtn.

$45 subject to change

$50 all day, $421/2 day
$30 all day, $25 1/2 day Junior 6-12
FREE 80 years old +

NOTES: Discount lift ticket rates listed are cash/check prices, credit cards will add a 3.5% service fee to charged total. Tickets can be picked up at our Utah office by appointment, or in some cases be in your unit upon arrival. For superpasses, at least 6 ski days per invoice are required to purchase superpasses. We can also Fed Ex'd prior to Utah arrival for $17 (2nd day) or $27 (Next day). Any ticket rates listed are subject to change without notice. Superpasses are not returnable if any day on the card is used. Unused Specific Resort tickets may be returned for refund (less shipping and 15% service fees). Ticket discounts may be unavailable or $1 higher wihout lodging booked with us. Customer is responsible for providing proper shipping address. Ticket questions:

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